18 of the Best Work Boot Brands

Listed here are the Best SAFETY and Work Boot Brands on the market. All of these brands are good and worthy of mention, but this breakdown will most likely help you select the work boot that best fits your needs. What the industry calls a “Brown Boot Company” is not without reason, as the nickname implies a product that meets a very basic, universal need for a lasting, durable work boot.

HYTEST is the oldest safety shoe maker and is still the leader in innovative safety shoe technology offering many styles for both men and women.

One of their most notable breakthroughs is their invisible and well-constructed XRD Metatarsal Guard, which is 50% safer than other metatarsal guards offered by other companies.

They offer the 6″ and 8″ work boot and Wellingtons to name a few. Their very high quality sub-brand, “FootRests” is the only brand of safety shoe to receive the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association–The Podiatrists) certification for a comfortable safety shoe. “FootRests” makes very comfortable men and women’s work shoes, boots, wellingtons, and metatarsal guard shoes.

Additionally, HYTEST offers the well-loved Hushpuppy brand; known for its light weight, comfortable shoes and bringing their innovative concepts into anything from semi dressy to casual styles for men and women.

Wolverine is a very popular, legendary brand, offering not only many styles of soft-toe work boots, but also a lot of safety shoes, as well. They are indeed a classic, American “Brown Boot Company”, that has used modern, direct-attach construction and contemporary styling to enhance the Consumers’ work boot experience.

Their best brand, “DURASHOCKS” uses “Direct-Attach Construction”, which contributes to its remarkable durability. Recent upgrades to the DuraShocks brand include their MultiShox and award-winning Contour Welt brands that are similarly constructed. The sole on these brands is attached to the upper while it is in a liquid state, so it cures and attaches to the upper without stitches; creating a highly durable work boot for many different environments. Because this construction is so resilient and allows for the use of many different bottom materials, including Polyurethane, Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) and Rubber, these boots are capable of withstanding many tough industrial environments, like high-heat, water and chemical, and oil-based industries. These brands come in all the work boot styles, soft-toe and safety-toe, including oxfords, 6” & 8” boots, hikers, Wellingtons, and metatarsal guards.

While Wolverine makes many casual styles, hikers, and Wellingtons, their claim-to-fame is truly their safety and soft-toe work boots.